Staged Narratives, Fake News, and the Coming Angry Mob

"Liberal psy-op agents."

You said it, Slate, not me.

Have you noticed a pattern of late?

A person, or a group, commits a crime that is just in line with what the media's been telling us to think. And the movement that is supposed to "naturally" organize around it...somehow always falls flat. 

Mmmm...doesn't that look good?

Charlottesville was, supposedly, an organic hatefest by neo-Nazis against Jews. But I (a traumatized grandchild of Holocaust survivors) found the scene unconvincing. 

Google "neo-Nazis in America."

Actual Nazis, as opposed to the assembled throng of probably-paid actors in Charlottesville, are diverse in their appearance (whoever staged this event was aping Richard Spencer, who sort of apes Hitler.) Female, not just male. Animated, not drones. 

And, another thing.
If you spend any time actually listening to what White nationalists are saying (I'm not confident that Nazis is the right term), their concern is not at all what they chanted in Charlottesville - "Jews will not replace us."
As far as I can tell, White nationalists simply believe that many Jews are bad, and it's the ideology of political correctness they dispute (as epitomized in the slogan, "it's OK to be White.") A good example of a White nationalist is Paul Nehlen.  If you want to learn more, the New York Times has an excellent article on the distinction between White nationalists and White supremacists.

In any case, if you read anything at all about the current tactics of White nationalists, the focus is on achieving normative status (i.e., elected office). Not carrying tiki torches on a college campus. 

So Charlottesville was staged. And guess who's the governor of Virginia?
Well now, it's Ralph Northam. But before him, during the Charlottesville "riot," it was Terry McAuliffe. Guess who Terry McAuliffe is friends with?

#QAnon tells us to "read the map." 

To a sociologist like me, maps are human networks.

McAuliffe is a friend of Hillary Clinton.

McAuliffe-linked Democrats gave disgraced Andrew McCabe's wife, a political candidate, $675,288 -- while McCabe was investigating her.

And guess what?

"According to the ACLU & reporters covering the rally, the violence escalated due to...intentional lack of police oversight, with the blame aimed squarely at Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe," reported 

"It’s almost as if they wanted us to fight each other.” a counter-protestor reportedly told CNN. 

As a Jew it is incredibly offensive to me that anti-Semites such as Obama, Clinton, and George Soros invoke anti-Semitism to advance their own agendas. In the process, they make people actually hate Jews more -- something, sadly, we do enough of on our own.

Fortunately enough, these rabble-rousers are not all that intelligent. 

Half of my ancestors are Hasidic. 

Maybe all Hasidic Jews look alike to you, but even a 4 year old Hasid can tell that this is just a movie scene (Check out Menashe, a really good film.)

Anyone paying attention can clearly see what they're doing.

Remember Occupy Wall Street? One doesn't know whether to laugh at the stupidity or cry at the obviousness of the display, and at the mockery it made of truly authentic class-based activism.

Speaking of fake movements that exploit actual human problems, who funded Black Lives Matter and what is their aim

Why does it always seem that movements claiming to speak for the Black community, also want to keep Black people in a total victim status?

Why do we have such a vocal anti-gun movement happening right now? Because of a school shooting where guns were needed to go in and stop the shooter. (And they use "Never Again," the Holocaust slogan...which cynical Jewish politician did that?)
Speaking of artificial gun-related activity, is there any truth to the allegation that U.S. government entities, at least at one time, intentionally flooded gang areas with firearms? What would be behind that, if true?

Believe me when I tell you I would rather spend my off-time having fun, than doing this stuff.

But it has become very clear to me: Much corruption is related. That is looks like a random set of colored puzzle pieces is intentional.

The idea is to keep the issues looking isolated, so we're off chasing our tails on this story and that. 

The consumer (for that is what we are) of news is trapped in the Devil's whirlwind. 

Constantly distracted, always confused, always being pulled further and further in.

And if they don't distract you with news stories (cannily aimed to promote the policy of the day), well then of course you have celebrity "news." 

"I just can't watch that viral clapping moment," says Jennifer Garner. "I caaaaaaahhhhn't!"

Meanwhile, the really important questions only get teased at. Why does Mary-Kate Olsen do this kind of double-talk?  "I would never wish my upbringing on anyone... but I wouldn't take it back for the world." 

Why is it that genuine peace-loving public figures always seem to get assassinated?

Why did the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. have to die?

Who does it threaten when all the people want is peace?

Why do the very same people who tell our children to relinquish their God-given right to self-defense, also seem to take the bread out of their mouths so that they can fund a defense contractor's mortgage?

Whose fault is it that Libya has become one giant slave market?
Did you want an answer? Don't ask Obama.

Am I the only person who suspects that Obama's skin color and Hillary's gender were used in a cynical, exploitative fashion? 

To gain the sympathy of the people and prevent genuine dissent? 

To divide the people against each other, with accusations of -isms?

What does a child sex trafficker look like?

Who would make the kind of deals that keep a steady supply of children flowing into the hands of their tormentors?

Who would rather keep you preoccupied, so that you cannot stop and think about your circumstances?

Increasingly, our eyes are being opened to the truth. And it's a horrifying truth at that.

All over the world, women and men are beginning to realize the extent to which they've been victimized. By crimes against their bodies. By crimes against their minds.

A great anger is rising up in the people. An anger that demands satisfaction. We are very, very close to the tipping point. (Note: I do NOT advocate extrajudicial violence.)

The time for justice is upon us now. Especially, justice for child traffickers.

As @POTUS @realDonaldTrump said (10/8/2012): "Got to do something about these missing children grabbed by the perverts. Too many incidents – fast trial, death penalty." 


Copyright 2017 by Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. All opinions are Dr. Blumenthal's own. This post is hereby released into the public domain. Cover photo by pexels via Pixabay (CC0 Creative Commons).

The Crisis Doesn't Have To Happen

Yesterday I was at D.C.'s Union Station to take the MARC train up to Odenton. It was about 9:30 a.m. -- a major commuting hub, major commuting hours. Should have been calm-yet-busy.

Yet the scene was alarming. Police officers patrolled briskly, all over the place. Police dogs were sniffing at the shoeshine stand by the Amtrak area, along the wall, and through where the passengers were sitting. A small group of people was huddled around the outlets in the corner; the police spoke to them briefly, and then the group broke up. A beautiful young woman in her twenties, a blanket wrapped around her shoulders, walked around blankly. Others ambled about; a pigeon had made its way into the Au Bon Pain and couldn't seem to get out.

I sat down, a little unnerved, and waited for the train to come. I looked up at the TV monitor, expecting to see the news or the weather. Instead, there was a loop of announcements about what to do in case a train or the station was evacuated. There were scenes of people freaking out on the train. Scenes of them walking to a single car to huddle. Scenes of them evacuating Union Station. I saw a woman on the screen, looking up somewhere near the ceiling, helplessly holding onto the handgrip of a wheelchair holding a frightened-looking man.

Clearly, someone is anticipating some kind attack. Nobody wants it to happen. And in an effort to avert disaster as best we humanly can, there is a coordinated effort on the law enforcement side to detect and disrupt any such incident, while giving people upfront the information they need to survive.

This, in my view, is the right kind of government communication. The crisis doesn't have to happen; we can integrate operations and information to ensure that the public is well-equipped to survive, as long as possible, in most foreseeable emergencies. But to achieve this kind of excellence across the board will require a level of unity.

The government must educate people about the real risks that confront them, the real capabilities we must marshal in order to be strong.

And not waste time and money on anything extraneous.


Copyright 2018 by Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Creative Commons (CC0) photo by lassaffa via Pixabay. This post is hereby released into the public domain.

Making the World Safe for Judith

This morning I woke up with a panic attack.

Because I realized that The Walking Dead presents us with an impossible choice.

Carl represents goodness. He doesn't stand a chance. 
Negan represents evil. Evil will do whatever it takes. In this world, evil often wins.

Negan put my grandmother in Auschwitz.
It is clear that I have intergenerational trauma. 

If I am traumatized, it's because I will never know for sure what happened there.

We weren't allowed to discuss it back then. Her face shook, teeth clacked, hands shook. She testified for Yad Vashem. There is a lot of shame and shrouding around this topic. But then my dad told me what Mengele said to my grandmother.
"You stinkin' Jew, you'll never have kids," he said as she walked out of Auschwitz. There are family stories about how she escaped Nazi assault. In an instant I knew they probably weren't true, no matter what anyone said, even her.

Here's the central question: "How far would you go to protect your family?"
How far would you go to avenge your loved ones' suffering? The suffering that Negan has inflicted on your soul? Rick to Negan, over and over again: "I'm gonna kill you."

This week - Season 8, Episode 11 - Tara decided to kill Dwight, for vengeance. Even though the team needed his help, and she had been told to stand down. She said: "It will make me feel a whole lot better."

Rick is a good man, but you mess with his family and you're dead.

This is what has me so upset inside: We're dealing with people who rape their own children, and then blow the shofar.

We are dealing with people coming forward to say they were raped by Hollywood figures, and when they told their parents, the response was that being in a movie is some kind of badge of honor.

We are dealing with people who are saying that they told the FBI, and the FBI did nothing.

A book called The Science of Evil is an attempt to understand how Nazis think. Why turned Jews into soap and lampshades. Why cut off a lady's hands, only to reattach them in reverse.

Why would you dump living human beings for three hours in a tub of freezing water...just to see what happens?

Simon Baron Cohen shows us two things. * Evil is not limited to the Nazis AT ALL. * It is a clinically demonstrable deficiency of human empathy. Now, here's the question that gave me a panic attack today.

Knowing that evil will always exist (until the Final Redemption): How do we eradicate evil, without descending into evil ourselves?

This is how good people think, like Gandhi: "An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind."

But when we try to deal with bad people nicely, Negans only reproduce.

When we ignore the fact that Negan presents himself as a "Savior," innocent people keep getting hurt. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's brother Yoni led an Israeli rescue operation to save Jewish hostages from certain death in Uganda. In the process he got killed.  (A movie opening this weekend, 7 Days in Entebbe, revisits the original movie.)

Every day, every single day, good people have to ask themselves this: How do we defend Judith, without becoming Negan?
Copyright 2017 by Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. All opinions are Dr. Blumenthal's own. This post is hereby released into the public domain. Screenshot of The Walking Dead character Judith via  Other screenshots taken from the respective links associated with them in the post.

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